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A totally decentralized Ethereum protocol for trading synthetic stocks from an anon DAO.

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StonkBase DeFi for trading stocks
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Nothing Can Stop DeFi

StonkBase is the only 100% decentralized, censorship resistant DeFi protocol for trading synthetic stonks entirely on chain. The synths are similar to cash settled futures, which means they have an expiration date at which they will settle for the underlying collateral. The protocol is based on UMA, whose censorship resistant DVM "oracle" system enables fully decentralized settlement.

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$SBF Token Auction

StonkBase is operated & governed by holders of the $SBF Voting Token. $SBF holders vote on which stonks to list, parameter changes to the protocol, and since StonkBase does not rely on centralized (ie insecure) price oracles, $SBF holders vote on accurate stonk prices. And for their efforts, $SBF holders earn more $SBF.

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StonkBase $SBF Voting Token Auction Info 

🟢 Stage 1: Auction $SBF on Bounce.Finance
Auction Start     : Apr 29, 2021 
Auction Length    : 30 days      
$SBF Price        : 2.5 ETH      
1ETH=$SBF (floor) : 0.4          
$SBF TotalSupply  : 10,000 $SBF  
$SBF Auctioned    : 500 $SBF     

🦄 Stage 2: List $SBF on Uniswap 
$SBF Circulating Supply      : 750 $SBF   
$SBF/ETH Liquidity (min)     : $2,500,000 
$SBF/ETH Liquidity (farming) : $7,500,000 
$SBF Circulating Market Cap  : $3,750,000 
$SBF Total Market Cap        : $50,000,000
(@ $2k USD/ETH)
$SBF Contract Address (watch for scammers):

StonkBase Roadmap

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Completed May 21
Phase 0
StonkBase Genesis
  • Launch StonkBase Protocol
  • Launch First Stonk $GME
  • Launch Stonk Minter v1
  • Launch Yield Farming v1
  • Begin Farming rewards
Active Now
Phase 1
Distribution of $SBF
  • Launch $TSLA Stonk
  • Auction $SBF on Bounce.Finance
  • List $SBF on Uniswap
Post $SBF Launch
Phase 2
Full DAO
  • DAO Launch More Stonks
  • $SBF Yield Farming
  • Open community bots
  • Launch Voter dApp
  • Grants & Rewards
Post DAO Grants
Phase 3
V2 dApps
  • Launch Minter V2 w/ trading
  • $SBF DAO treasury
  • Start UNIPs

StonkBase DeFi trading stocks

Sorry Not Sorry, Robinhood

The recent actions of Robinhood and Wall Street has revealed their true nature. The people are awakening. Now is the time for the masses to move to decentralized finance. Now is the time to trade stonks using censorship resistant systems. Security tokens can be stopped. Only algorithmic synthetic tokens are unstoppable. StonkBase is unstoppable.

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Comparison with other Synthetic Stock Products

Being anonymous & (actually) decentralized is our greatest strength and increases protocol security.

NetworkEthereumTerra (new, unproven)BSCEthereum
WalletYour Usual Secure Web3 WalletTerra (new, unproven)BSCWeb3
Risk of vc/whale manipulation?None, Bootstrapped by DevsLots of VCsLots of VCsLots of VCs
Regulatory RiskLow, global anon DAOHigh, KoreaHigh, Hong Kong
Also Binance under investigation
High, USA
Censorship Resistant?Yes, dApp on Github/IPFS.
Contracts confirmed.
Can even create stocks right on Etherscan.
No, can IP blockNo, can IP blockNo, can IP block
Price Feed Risk? (can a bad actor hack the stock price?)Low, we use UMAs proven Optimistic Oracle.
DAO settles disputes. No single point of corruption.
High, prices come from centralized BandProtocol APIs.Medium, TellorMedium, ChainLink
StonkBase within DeFi ecosystem
Fig 1: where StonkBase approximately fits within the decentralized finance ecosystem. Yum!